#M17 Police Attack Swiftly in Zuccotti Park on St. Paddy's Night Brutal Raid

23:13 Mar 17 2012 Zuccotti Park, New York


Updated Midnight:
No sooner had I published this article rejoicing in the joyous energy at Zuccotti Park than the police moved in en masse. Ironically the livestream was down for those few moments - a coincidence? I think perhaps not! Within minutes, the scene as described below dramatically changed to one of mayem, as riot police physically evicted the happy people.
Reports of beatings and arrests are being discussed on the livestream. Despite the fact that the park is supposed to be open for twenty four hours, officers put up barricades. A girl having a seizure or vomiting on the ground is ignored by police, despite pleas from the crowd. Her hands were tied behind her back as she lay on the ground, in distress, heaving and writhing and for several minutes a group of police stood over her looking down at her lying on the ground without helping her in any way. She was bound. Not one of them helped her.
Livestream commentator states her ribs were cracked and she was hyperventilating.
Someone comes forward with video footage of the woman being beaten. The watchers say they can see the officers giving her kicks and kneeing her as she lies on the ground.
Police are widening the barriers and pushing people back further off the square.
More to follow:
No medics nor an ambulance appear to be anywhere near. Police load protesters into metro buses they commanderer for such a purpose. Minutes pass without any ambulance attending, and people become increasingly angry. The livestream operator Tim is livid, and apologizes for swearing. He is outraged that this many police would swarm in and forcibly arrest so many people without medics or ambulances present.
Earlier in the evening....In what seems to be a fitting night for acts of irreverence and defiance, on this evening, March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, Zuccotti Park has been re-taken by Occupiers. Six months to the day since the birth of the Occupy Movement, on a spectacularly balmy March night, hundreds of youth have arrived for the re-occupation of New York City's now-infamous Zuccotti Park.
The atmosphere is festive, almost carnival-like. On the internet, social media sites are exploding as Occupy movements around the world are sharing the word, announcing the delightful news that Spring has arrived!
Watch the action live here:
"All the usual suspects are here." says an Occupier.
"Yes all the usual police." replies the livestream operator Tim before he moves on to the next group, who are passionately discussing the global war cartel and the industrial war complex. The energy is palpable even through the screen as the excited hum of voices all around fill the air.
A tent is brought in and people move aside. The erection of a structure is strictly forbidden now, and as such is a direct action of civil disobedience. People mill around and the livecaster walks through the park as debates go on around him.
The action began at noon with a 'Chalkupy', when chalk artwork was drawn all over the pavements at Zuccotti Park. 'Timcast' speaks to the audience about how plans to teach livestreaming are coming up as well as lessons on social media and blogging.
Stay tuned - the night is young!
...Though the luck o' the Irish appears to be with the Occupiers tonight - let us hope it sticks to them and the NYPD find leprechauns to chase instead to lead them on a wild goose chase through the streets of New York City....
"May the coppers leave us all alone and go kiss the blarney stone!"
(Old Irish Occupier prayer)
Unbelievable: young woman at #OWS having a seizure, #NYPD refuse to remove handcuffs:
2 minutes ago
bjork55: @AzulayRomond Yes, just watched the video of female getting beat up by cops:
5 minutes ago
cullenstalin: RT @LiborVonSchonau: "We need weekly nonviolent assaults on #WallStreet!" @mmflint #OWS #M17 #GlobalrEvolution #NYSE DirectAction✗court»nomortgage»noeviction☇
5 minutes ago
truckerwillow: RT @occupySYDNEY: RT @NewsVortex: "Girl's having a f****ing seizure, cops handcuffed her." LIVE - 'She's not moving.'
5 minutes ago
Sholman68: RT @OccupyPhilly: OWS at Zuccotti is being raided.
6 minutes ago
6 minutes ago
RoadieShow: RT @OccupyPhilly: #ows is being raided. Several hundred NYPD swept the park and have made mass arrests.
7 minutes ago
atharcist: RT @JasminMuj: Unbelievable: young woman at #OWS having a seizure, #NYPD refuse to remove handcuffs:
8 minutes ago
nuckles13: RT @OccupyPhilly: #ows is being raided. Several hundred NYPD swept the park and have made mass arrests.
9 minutes ago
soundmigration: Young woman at #OWS suffer broken ribs and cant breathe. #NYPD beat her up. They refused to remove handcuffs - #occupy
10 minutes ago
occupyindianapo: RT @JasminMuj: Unbelievable: young woman at #OWS having a seizure, #NYPD refuse to remove handcuffs:
10 minutes ago
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