Georgia Fights Bill 469: "The Devil is in the Details"

23:53 Feb 29 2012 State House of Representatives 206 Washington St., Downtown, Atlanta, GA, 30334

Georgia Fights Bill 469: "The Devil is in the Details"
The classic words to the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" spring to mind today, as a new Bill that will curtail all efforts to protest and congregate is slyly being camouflaged by legislators in an effort to trick the public into accepting it.

Bill 469 will effectively make it a felony to protest in the Southern State, and will curtail the ability of Unions to picket. However the bill is sneakily introduced as preventing picketing at private residences, which of course sounds perfectly reasonable...until you read the fine print!

According to Occupy Atlanta:
"Along with provisions intended to stealthily de-fund and weaken unions, the law as proposed would make picketing illegal “at or near any place where a labor dispute exists in such number or manner as to obstruct or interfere with or constitute a threat to obstruct or interfere with the entrance to or egress from any place of employment or the free and uninterrupted use of public roads, streets, highways, railroads, airports, or other ways of travel, transportation, or conveyance.” That is, you don’t have to actually block the entrances or sidewalks; you merely have to seem like you might. The “offense” of picketing…protected under the First Amendment and enshrined in our history as far back as the public outcry against the Tea Act which led to the Boston Tea Party protest and the American Revolution…would be punished by a $1000 fine per day per person, and a $10,000 fine per day for any organization participating.

Even more egregiously, SB 469 would make “conspiracy to commit criminal trespass” into a felony. Criminal trespass is a misdemeanor; it is also the crime with which sit-down protesters at a place of business are typically charged. In other words, SB 469 seeks to turn peaceful demonstrations into felonies."

Read full article here:
Residents of Georgia are asking for help from the world to show our support as they attempt to defeat this Bill, which if passed, could encourage more States to adopt similar repressive legislation. Please go to the FB page for Occupy Atlanta to find e-mail and telephone numbers to State legislators, and let them know how you feel about their attempt to curtail civil liberties in America!

Eric Robertson, Georgia Teamsters Local 728 Political Director, told AlterNet, "This bill is obviously a an attack on working people and anyone who believes in organizing for justice. It undermines civil liberties, and clearly is designed to cripple working peoples' ability to organize and build organizationations to improve their working conditions. Labor, civil rights and community organizations, and our allies are going to have to play hardball to beat this bill."$10,000_fine,_felony_for_%22conspiracy%22_for_picketing,_protest/

The devil is in the details of the Bill 469- don't let the obfuscation fool you! There is nothing good about this new attempt to silence the voices of the people.

"Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it" Mark Twain

MichelleDevlin is based in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, and is an Anchor for Allvoices.
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