Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to China, conquest of China’s oil/gas market: A Commentary

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to China, conquest of China’s oil/gas market: A Commentary



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Carried in world media last month, that “Prime Minister Harper is scheduled to visit China next month to meet with President Hu Jintao”(Dhreff, Alberta, Canada: Third world’s largest oil deposit, Allvoices; January 30, 2012}. This scheduled visit of Harper to China finally took place today, February 08, to 11, 2012(Northsunm32, Canada: Prime Minister Stephen Harper to visit China with big business comrade, Allvoices, February 07, 2012}. What this Harper’s visit to China suggests? Is it China’s conquest of Albertan oil and gas? Or Canada’s conquest of China’s big oil/gas market?

Yes, Prime Minister Harper is going to meet with China’s president Hu Jintao. The two leaders are going to discuss a wide a range of concerns but, mainly focused on a Canada-China oil deal.

Harper’s round table to Beijing consisted of Canada’s political and business leaders. Canada’s oil and gas sectors were adequately represented. Likewise, banking, airline and insurance industries were also, given equal representations in the contingent. With this diversified delegation, one can imagine the wide range of areas to be deliberated on and possibly yield concessions, deals and agreements that will spell out mutual and reciprocating benefits between the two countries.

Harper’s trip to China was inspired by the Obama administration’s rejection of the Texas Keystone XL pipeline. He is indeed, looking for market for Canadian oil and gas other than the United States of America. China seems to meet all the qualifications of a consumer of oil and gas from Canada. What qualifies China to become a market for Canadian oil?

Briefly and substantively, in the last two years, “China’s state-owned companies have more than $16 billion investments on Canadian oil” (Dhreff}. “Now it is about 20 billion. Harper is wisely enough trying to diversity his market for Canadian oil and gas. Now most exports are to the U.S. The Chinese for their part are eager to find sources of energy supplies for their fast growing economy” (Northsunm32}. “China’s state-controlled Sinopec has a stake in the Northern Gateway pipeline project and when built, Chinese investment in Alberta oil sand is sure to jack up (Dhreff}.

Harper’s meeting with Jintao in Beijing is rested on firm and solid grounds that citizens of both countries have to consider seriously. He is now in China primarily as a “salesman” of oil and to the Chinese. However, as carried in earlier reports, salesman Harper is going to meet face to face with Jintao as a “human rights advocate”.

Harper to name and exact the prices of his oil and gas expectedly, Jintao is going to bite and call it a “deal”. Nevertheless, for him (Harper} to use human rights as preconditions for Jintao to buy Harper’s oil most likely, he will go home to Canada without a “Canada-China oil agreement”.

Probably, Harper has to push first, for inking of an oil/gas agreement with Jintao. Then, thereafter, will open the topic of human rights for consideration. Deliberation on the subject-matter may lead to the adjournment of their meeting without saying anything about the topic.


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