Occupy Oakland Port (Livestream): Thousands converge on Oakland port

18:44 Nov 2 2011 Watching the livestream from my little perch up here in the Great White North! With you in spirit and solidarity and doing my bit by reporting while watching livestreams around the globe!

"This is what democracy looks like," chant the thousands of people who have occupied the Port of Oakland, the fifth busiest port in the United States of America and destination for thousands of containers full of cheap plastic toys from China.
"The Port of Oakland was the first major port on the Pacific Coast of the United States to build terminals for container ships. It is now the fifth busiest container port in the United States, behind Long Beach, Los Angeles, Newark and Savannah. Development of an intermodal container handling system in 2002 culminated over a decade of planning and construction to produce a high volume cargo facility that positions the Port of Oakland for further expansion of West Coast freight market share." Wikipedia
As calm yet energetic crowds converged upon the Port, word went out that the bridge had been occupied, and that OccupySanFrancisco was on their way to meet the OccupyOakland protesters. Fears of arrests, however, seem to have caused the bridge to have been abandoned as an option. Protesters in OccupyWallSt were cornered on the Brooklyn Bridge some weeks ago with over 700 arrested, prompting suspicions that police had led them there.
To watch the action live on the ground as democracy in action takes place before your eyes, click here:
A record number of people are tuning in to the action today, sending their solidarity from countries all over the world. This is what democracy looks like.
marikatogo Marika Shaub Shops are closed today in support of the #OccupyOakland #GeneralStrike. Check out this Men's Wearhouse store 13 hours ago
Retweeted 100+ times YourAnonNews Anonymous KGO reporter Dave Fowkes is in a plane above Oakland, says a line of police cars are headed for the Port of Oakland. #oo #OccupyOakland 7 minutes ago
californiabeat California Beat NEWS ALERT: #OccupyOakland protesters have effectively shut down the Port of Oakland, port director says. Live 22 minutes ago
thinkprogress ThinkProgress More than 10,000 people at #occupyoakland right now (via@abc7newsBayArea via @AntDeRosa) #ows 29 minutes ago
sunny_hundal sunny hundal Wow - a picture from #occupyOakland now, which has shut down a lot of the city (via @thinkprogress cc@glinner) 30 minutes ago
thinkprogress ThinkProgress Absolutely massive march in Oakland #ows #occupyoakland 35 minutes ago
abc7newsBayArea abc7newsBayArea Reporter Mark Matthews estimates #OccupyOakland #generalstrike crowd at over 10,000 at Port of Oakland. Says crowd has mainly been pleasant. 38 minutes ago
JackalAnon Jackal | Chacal #OccupyOakland Protesters are blocking all 3 entrances to the Port of Oakland right now. 41 minutes ago occupyoakland Occupy Oakland The March stretches from the port all the way to Oscar grant plaza. Unconfirmed reports that we are 20000 to 40000 people #occupyoakland 42 minutes ago
occupyoakland Occupy Oakland Amazing site right now 51 minutes ago
» BloomTV Jonathan Bloom #OccupyOakland #OO protesters are climbing on a railroad signal structure over the train tracks at the Port of 1 hour ago
Favorite Retweet Reply abc7newsBayArea abc7newsBayArea Spokesperson: "Maritime area" of Port of Oakland is shut down due to #generalstrike by #occupyoakland. 1 hour ago
YourAnonNews Anonymous #OccupyOakland protestors EFFECTIVELY shutting down the port!!! RIGHT NOW!!! ----> 1 hour ago
owendbanks We Owe The Banks Officials say that protesters are not allowed to penetrate the gates of the port, that's a federal offense #OOstrike 50 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
3Beee Farah فَرَحْ by Marvscouncil "Egypt is Oakland, Oakland is Egypt" 3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet
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